1 Shot – 4004 Brush Cleaner



A premium product designed for conditioning and cleaning brushes that have been used with oil based paints.

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  • Specifically designed to clean and condition brushes that have been used with oil based paints
  • Excellent for reconditioning, softening and renewing partially hardened natural and nylon brushes
  • Will not interfere with the properties of oil based sign paints


Directions for Use:

  • Clean brush thoroughly with 1 Shot 4004 Brush Cleaner
  • Rinse by stirring cleaned brush in second container of clean solution
  • Work a suitable brush oil into the brush’s hair, making sure if works up into the ferrule
  • Partially hardened brushes can be softened in most cases by soaking for several days
  • Not intended for brushes that are completely hardened by paint or containing lacquer paint


Data Sheet

PDF Link: 1 Shot – Brush Cleaner

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