Flexi Sign (Software)


Flexi Software is an all-in-one program combining design tools, RIP software, direct vinyl cutting and print and cut software for the sign industry.

Supports wide-format printers, vinyl cutters and print and cut machines.

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Types of Flexi Software

Flexi Family Cloud Products

  • Flexi SIGN & PRINT (V12)
  • Flexi SIGN (V12)
  • Flexi SIGN SE (V12)
  • Flexi PRINT (V12)
  • Flexi PRINT SE (V12)
  • Flexi DESIGNER (V12)

Flexi Version Upgrades 

  • Flexi SIGN PRO (V7, V8, V10) to Flexi SIGN & PRINT (V12)
  • FlexiSIGN and Flexi EXPERT to Flexi SIGN (V12)
  • Flexi PRINT DX and Photo PRINT DX to Flexi PRINT (V12)
  • Flexi LETTER to Flexi SIGN SE (V12)
  • Photo PRINT SE and Flexi PRINT SE to Flexi PRINT SE (V12)

Comparison Table for Flexi Software


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