Impact CNC CadCam Contour Cut Laser


The Contour Cut from CadCam Technology is an excellent print to cut solution for dye sublimation companies producing sportswear, flags and banners.  It provides a fast, accurate solution to cutting out individual parts.

  • 50w, 100w Laser Tube (depending on speed requirement)
  • Installation & Training available

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Impact CNC CadCam Contour Cut Laser

Contour Cut
Contour Cut by CadCam Technology Ltd, automates the process of cutting out dye sublimation printed pieces of fabric or textile both quickly and accurately, automatically compensating for any distortions or stretches that occur in unstable or stretchy textiles – exactly the type of fabrics that are used in sportswear, for example.

Material is automatically unrolled and transported onto the laser cutting machine using the Contour Cut conveyor system.

State of the art camera recognition is used to pinpoint registration marks printed on your material.  The marks can be accurately read by our laser system and the position, scale and deformation of the printed material will be compensated due to the intelligent analysis of the registration marks. This means that when the laser cuts your fabric all the pieces will exit the laser cutting conveyor exactly the correct size and shape.

As laser cutting is non-contact, there is no drag on the material and no blades to change. High speed loop servo motors ensure precise camera mapping and accurate cut lines with minimal user interaction. Simply collect the pieces as they exit the machine, this gives the Contour Cut system a major advantage over traditional garment cutting methods.

Laser Cutting Sportswear
Contour cut is ideal for laser cutting sportswear in particular because of its ability to cut stretchy and easily distorted materials – exactly the type that you get with athletic clothing (e.g. running equipment, team kits/jerseys, swimwear etc.)

Contour Cut laser cutting machines make light work of these types of textiles, cutting them with no issue and making sure that you always get an accurate, perfect cut. In addition to this, once cut, synthetic textiles gain a sealed edge meaning that they will not fray.  This is yet another excellent advantage over traditional textile cutting methods.

Laser Cutting Flags and Banners
As Contour Cut uses a bite feed and conveyor system it makes light work of cutting shapes and designs that are much larger than its actual cutting area.  This makes the Contour Cut system the ideal tool for laser cutting flags and banners of any length.

Conveyor System
The Contour Cut conveyors allow continuous production of rolled material and transport cut parts out of the machine automatically. The honeycomb cutting bed allows extraction from underneath which not only provides a clean cut, but also vacuums the material down for precise movement through the cutting field.

It is possible to cut parts larger than the cutting area by using the bite feed option. Once the first part of the cut is completed the conveyor moves, then cuts the next part, and so on.

A compressed air knife system is located under the end of the conveyor which blows a thin jet through the honeycomb slats to remove the cut parts clear of the machine.  The conveyors are encoder driven and use endless wedgetooth belts for precise movement.  Stainless steel honeycomb slats and anodised aluminium parts are corrosion resistant to ensure longevity.

Motorised De-Reeler
Material is presented to the conveyor using Contour Cut’s motorised roll handling system. As the roll unwinds, a loop is created in the material. This loop is kept constant with the use of a light sensor. As material is taken up by the conveyor, the motorised roll handler automatically feeds the material out. This loop also relaxes the material so all fabric tension is removed before cutting – reducing distortion and ensuring an accurate cut.

Code Product Name Size
CCT-CC50 Cadcam Contour Cut Laser 1850mm wide x 50 Watt
CCT-CC100 Cadcam Contour Cut Laser 1850mm wide x 100 Watt