Interior Low Sheen Paint



Premium quality water based acrylic interior paint

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  • Premium quality
  • Water based acrylic paint
  • Designed for interior use


Application and Drying:

  • Stir all paints thoroughly with a flat stick before use
  • Apply 2 coats with a brush, roller or spraygun
  • Spread evenly in light to medium coats
  • Allow 2 hours in between coats
  • Sand lightly between coats for best results
  • Leave at least 7 days after application of final coat before washing
  • Do not use below 10 degrees C


Surface Preparation:

  • Make sure all areas are completely free from grease, dust, dirt and flaking material
  • Wash down surfaces with detergent and rinse with fresh water before painting
  • Sand glossy surfaces until gloss is removed
  • Fill holes and cracks with a suitable filler, when filler is dry sand lightly until surface is smooth and flat
  • When using fillers make sure to apply a suitable undercoat before applying a top coat


Cleaning and Thinning:

  • Thin sparingly with water if required
  • Clean with water only



  • Approximately 13-16 square metres per litre per coat