MasterSeal PRO

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The MasterSeal PRO is a mid range automatic heat assist cold laminator.

Auto Laminator

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Polymeric Laminate + Roll of PET Underlay

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MasterSeal PRO Automatic Heat Assist Cold Laminator


  • Heavy duty, wide format 1620mm laminating & mounting width
  • Multifunction control panel
  • Pneumatic lifting for even pressure
  • Simple to use and access tension grips
  • Full auto, heat assist cold laminator
  • Hands free foot pedal switch
  • Simple operation
  • Standard emergency stop buttons
  • Precise air pressure and nip control
  • Front idler bar for accurate tension
  • 3 year warranty


Max Lamination Width 1630mm
Max Lamination Thickness 28mm
Max Speed 12m/min
Max Temperature 60°C
Up/Down Controls Pneumatic
Heating Type Infrared
Warm Up Time 5-10min
Power Consumption 0.5-0.8kw/h
Power Input 1400w
Input Voltage 110/220V
Net Weight 240kg