Viponds – Acrylic Low Sheen Paint



A 100% acrylic water thinned paint that dries to a matt finish and
is available in white, pastel and deep accent tones. Superior exterior
durability–decorates and protects the surface from extreme weather conditions.



  • Excellent opacity using the most light fast pigments for exterior use
  • Suitable on a variety of substrates such as brick, cement render, masonry, plasterboard, metal and timber
  • Can be used on all interior and exterior surfaces in the home and on display and feature sign work where a matt finish is required



  • Thoroughly stir and apply with brush, roller or spray
  • Requires two coats for a perfect finish


Surface Preparation:

  • Ensure the surface is dry and clean of dirt, grease and dust.
  • No primer is necessary unless the timber is tannin rich in which case apply Acrylic Wood Primer
  • Sand and dust down all bare timber and fill holes prior to painting
    Galvanised Iron and Aluminium
  • Remove oil and grease with mineral turpentine
  • Apply acrylic metal primer
    Iron and Steel
  • Remove oil, grease and rust
  • Treat remaining rust with a rust converter then apply acrylic metal primer
    Brick and Masonry
  • Remove all loose and powdery material with a stiff brush and wash down
  • No primer required
    Previously Painted
  • Scrape off all loose and flaking paint and sand glossy surfaces
  • Wash down with sugar soap
  • Spot prime metal with appropriate primer
  • When using deep tone colours such as Process Yellow and VIP Red apply a white or light grey undercoat first. This will ensure true colour and help coverage



  • Under normal drying conditions (above 15° C and low humidity) it will touch dry in 30 minutes and can be re coated after 2 hours
  • Do not apply if the temperature is below 10°C


Clean Up and Thinning:

  • Use clean water only



  • 14-16 square metres per litre per coat


** Please note colours are representations only **

** If you’re colour isn’t on the colour chart give us a call to get it made up – we can mix paint to match PMS colours, just pick “TINT” **