Viponds – Feature Gloss Enamel Paint



A traditional signwriting enamel that is ready for use. Formulated to give high opacity and a full gloss durable finish and is available in a range of factory mixed bright accent colours. This product utilises the most light fast pigments that are available to obtain optimum durability. It is heavy bodied to allow high film build and good flow.
Easy to use for the professional and DIY painter.



  • High opacity and a full gloss durable finish
  • Optimum durability
  • Heavy bodied for high film build and good flow
  • Can be used on all exterior and interior surfaces in the home, commercial and industrial premises
  • Ideal for signwriting – background, feature and general work and for architectural – doors, trim and windows when a mirror high gloss finish is required



  • Thoroughly stir the paint and apply with brush, roller or spray
  • Feature Gloss Enamel is a high viscosity enamel and can be thinned with mineral turpentine to improve application properties


Surface Preparation:

  • To ensure maximum durability and gloss level, surface preparation is most important
  • Exterior
  • Prepare timber and apply Vipond’s Pink Primer followed by Vipond’s High Cover Undercoat
  • Interior
  • Sand and fill and apply Viponds High Cover Undercoat or Vipond’s Acrylic Easy Sand Undercoat
    Iron and Steel
  • Clean surface of dirt, oil and grease and remove any rust then apply Vipond’s Zinc Phosphate Metal Primer
    Galvanised Iron and Aluminium
  • Remove oil and grease with mineral turpentine and then apply
    Viponds Acrylic Metal primer
    Brick, Cement, Masonary, Plaster
  • Prepare and apply Vipond’s Acrylic Concrete and Masonry Sealer
    followed by a coat of Vipond’s Quick Dry Undercoat
    Previously Painted
  • Scrape off all loose and flaking paint and sand glossy surfaces.
  • Wash down with sugar soap, spot prime bare areas with appropriate primer then apply Vipond’s Quick Dry Undercoat
  • Some colours require a white or light grey undercoat to achieve the best result



  • Under normal drying conditions (15°C and low humidity) it is touch dry within 4 hours and through dry within 24 hours
  • Recoat after 24 hours


Clean Up and Thinning:

  • Mineral turpentine



  • Approximately 16 square metres per litre per coat


** Please note colours are representations only **

** If you’re colour isn’t on the colour chart give us a call to get it made up – we can mix paint to match PMS colours, just pick “TINT” **