Viponds – Multi Purpose Sealer Undercoat



A premium quality, water based primer, sealer and undercoat for interior and exterior use

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  • Universal water based undercoat
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Excellent opacity, adhesion, sealing, filling and sanding properties
  • 100% acrylic providing excellent adhesion and resistance to alkalinity
  • Ideal for undercoating previously painted surfaces, sealing and undercoating brick, masonry, plasterboard, fibro-cement, MDF and undercoating timber and metal
  • Sands to a smooth finish
  • Ideal undercoat for high quality gloss finishes


Surface Preparation:

Previously painted surfaces

  • Scrape of all loose and flaking paint and sand glossy surfaces
  • Should be free from dust, grease and powdery material
  • Wash down with sugar soap
  • Spot prime raw timber and metal then a full coat of Multi Purpose Undercoat

Brick, Masonry, Cement 

  • Allow new work to cure for at least one month
  • Thoroughly wash down and clean then apply Multi-Purpose Undercoat


  • Sand timber
  • Dust down and use Multi Purpose Undercoat
  • On tannin rich timbers use a Wood Primer (oil or waterbased) to prevent bleed


  • Ideal as a primer on treated metals such as galvanised iron and zinc alume
  • Thoroughly clean the surface from dirt, grease and oil
  • On ferrous metals use a metal primer to protect from rust

Paperface wallboard and plasterboard

  • Fill holes and joins
  • Dust down and apply a spot prime coat of Multi Purpose Undercoat onto these areas
  • Allow to dry and apply a full coat of Multi Purpose undercoat over the entire area



  • Thoroughly stir the paint with a broad flat stirrer
  • Apply with a brush, roller or spray
  • If required thin with water to improve application properties
  • Apply only if temperature is above 10 degrees C
  • In hot and windy conditions dampen the surface with water
  • Keep brushes and rollers working freely by rinsing occasionally in clean water


Drying Time:

  • Under normal drying conditions (low humidity and temperatures between 16 degrees C and 25 degrees C), it will be touch dry in 30 minutes and can be recoated in 2 hours
  • For best results allow at least 4 hours drying time



  • Approximately 14 – 16 square metres per litre


Cleaning and Thinning:

  • Clean equipment with water immediately after use