Mimaki JFX600-2513 (Flatbed Inkjet printer)


The new JFX600-2513 is the successor model to the JFX500-2131.
It is a large-format flatbed UV inkjet printer that further pursuing speed and quality, the two key factors required of large-format printers.

JFX600-2513 Spec

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Amazingly high productivity: Up to 330% higher speed

330% faster than the previous model (JFX500-2131) by installing significantly more printheads.
The great increase in productivity allows for quick delivery of large format prints.

Speed comparison in the equivalent image quality, when printing at 4C / 1 layer

JFX600-2513: Speed comparison in the equivalent image quality, when printing at 4C / 1 layer

* Printing speed may vary depending on ink type/curing conditions.

Rich color expression: 6 color inks, including light colors

Six colors, including Lc and Lm, are available for rich color expression.
There are a wide variety of UV ink types to choose from to suit your application.
Every ink has gained the “GREENGUARD Gold” certification by meeting VOC (Volatile organic compound) emissions requirements, the most stringent standard in the world, from UL, a U.S. third-party safety science organization, and is recognized for its environmental safety.
*6-color profiles will be available after March 2022.

Hard UV ink Flexible UV ink *¹
LH-100 LUS-120 LUS-150
C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, W, Cl, Pr *² C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, W, Cl, Pr *² C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, W, Cl, Pr *³
The LH-100 ink has a high scratch/chemical resistance and an accurate color reproducibility. This ink is suitable for rigid materials. The LUS-120 ink has 170% stretchability after curing. Its ink film is very flexible and will not crack during post print processes. The LUS-150 ink has 150% stretchability after curing and will not crack during post print processes. This ink is compatible with a wide range of materials and has a low degree of tackiness.

*1 Stretchability of each stretchable ink may vary depending on materials, please test on actual materials in advance.
*2 Compatible primer: PR-200
*3 Compatible clear ink (Cl): LH-100 ink (Clear), Compatible primer: PR-200

MPC (Mimaki Printer Controller) using a graphical user interface

It is a new software used for operation in the touch screen monitor connected to the printer. All operations are visually organized by item and can be performed on the MPC screen, including setting print conditions, checking work/printer status and work history, and checking maintenance instructions.

Job management status: One-touch instructions can be given for checking printer status, selecting jobs, etc.

One-touch instructions can be given for checking printer status, selecting jobs, etc.

Printing conditions management status: The highly visible screen makes it easy to select conditions.

The highly visible screen makes it easy to select conditions.

Designed with usability in mind: table size & vacuum table, 60mm thick media support

Table size & Vacuum table

The table size of 2,500 × 1,300 mm nicely fits commonly used 4′ × 8′ media*.
The vacuum area to hold media is divided into two sections in the X direction of the table, and can be adjusted to the media size you use by opening/closing valves. Besides the operation panel, a foot switch can be used to turn the vacuum on and off.

Table size & Vacuum table, Foot switch

Supporting media as thick as 60 mm

Supporting media as thick as 60 mm

Direct printing on media as thick as 60 mm allows you to expand the range of materials.

You can also print on standard 50 mm thickness channel boards with aluminum composite board, PVC board, etc. laminated on the front and back (real 52-53 mm thickness)!

Incorporation of the reliable Mimaki technology

Mimaki’s image quality control technology ensures more beautiful prints

  • Waveform control: Thanks to Mimaki’s unique advanced ink droplet ejection control, droplets with high circularity can be ejected to make them accurately land on the media. This enables sharp expression of text, ruled lines, and edges.
  • MAPS4 (Mimaki Advanced Pass System 4): Banding (horizontal stripes), uneven color, and glossy streaks can be reduced to realize smooth prints by printing pass boundaries fading in gradation.
  • Variable dots: Three different ink dot sizes are used to enable high-quality prints with reduced graininess.


Reliable functions for stable operation

“NCU & NRS” not to stop work

NCU (Nozzle Check Unit) detects the status of nozzles automatically. When the NCU detects a missing nozzle, it automatically performs cleaning. If cleaning does not solve the problem, NRS (Nozzle Recovery System) automatically replaces the defective nozzles with other nozzles, which enables users to continue their operation without waiting for service representative.

Mimaki Circulation Technology (MCT) minimizes downtime

An ink circulation mechanism is provided in the ink tank and ink path. It circulates white ink periodically to prevent nozzle trouble due to deposited ink pigments and to stabilize printing performance.
In addition, MCT contributes to reduction of ink waste, thereby supporting environmentally and economically friendly applications.
*MCT works only with white ink.

Variable expression to add more value to prints

“2.5D Texture Maker” that enables easy creation of smooth semi-stereoscopic 2.5D data

Floor tiles printed with the 2.5D Texture Maker.

Multi-layered gradation data can be created by “2.5D Texture Maker”, a function of the bundled RIP “RasterLink7”.

Smooth expression of bumpy textures can be achieved using multiple layers of UV ink. This allows you to create realistic and eye-catching graphics.

White Ink and Clear Ink

Printing together with high-concentration white ink as the base color on transparent or deep-color media makes full-color images more vivid.
Clear ink printing enhances decorative effects such as mat, gloss and texture.

White ink: with white undercoat / without white undercoat

Clear ink: Butterfly pattern printed in matte tone


It is an inkjet primer that improves the adhesion of materials such as resin, glass, metal and those surface-finished.
Expanding the range of material selection, high value added applications can be produced.

Selective primer application

As the primer, PR-200 is applied simultaneously with color printing, the PR-200 applying only to the necessary part of material is possible, too.
Therefore the texture of the base material that was lost by conventional manual primer applying can be maintained.
Patent number / JPN: 5817059 USA: US9,132,685 B2

Connected digital printing

Supports MDL (Mimaki Device Language) commands to automate the printing process

Mimaki offers command sets to enable customer production systems and peripheral devices to control our printers. Through applying these commands, the position and height of the media setting table, the start of printing, and other printer operations can be controlled. It also allows for the acquisition of remaining ink level and error information from the printer.

Regarding the MDL command, customers are able to build systems optimized to their individual applications by developing the necessary software using technical information (SDK) provided from Mimaki. The system will contribute to automation and labor saving in customers business.

Supports MDL (Mimaki Device Language) commands to automate the printing process


Head On-demand Piezo head
16 printheads (4×4 lines in a staggered layout)
Print resolution 600, 1,200dpi
Ink Type UV curable ink : LUS-120 (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, W, Cl)
UV curable ink : LUS-150 (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, W)
UV curable ink : LH-100 (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, W, Cl)
Primer: PR-200
Ink Supply system Supplied from 1-liter bottles for each color
Ink circulation system *1 White ink circulation using Mimaki Circulation Technology (MCT)
Maximum diagram dimensions (W×D) 2,500×1,300 mm (98.4×51.2″)
Media Dimensions (W×D) Up to 2,500×1,300 mm (98.4×51.2″)
Height Max. 60 mm
Weight Less than 50 kg/m2 (110.2 lb./ft2), non concentrated load
Media absorption Blower adsorption type + foot switch
Number of absorption area partitions 2 partitions (X-axis direction)
Curing device LED-UV system
Interface Ethernet 10GBASE-T
Safety standard UL 775 ETL / CE Marking (EMC, Machinery directive, and RoHS) / REACH / EAC
Power supply (Single phase, AC200-240V±10%, 50/60Hz±1Hz, 24 A) ×3
Power consumption INLET1 to 3 | Each INLET: Less than 4.8 kVA
Installation environment Temperature 20 – 30 °C (68 – 86 °F)
Relative humidity 35 – 65%Rh (Non condensing)
Accuracy maintained temperature 20 – 25 °C (68 – 77 °F)
Temperature gradient Less than ± 10 °C/h (± 18 °F/h)
Dust Similar to standard office environments
Assembled Dimensions (W×D×H) Approx. 5,300×2,850×1,700 mm (208.7×112.2×66.9″) or less
Weight Approx. 1,200 kg (2,645.5 lbs.) or less

*1 MCT works only with white ink.
・Inks would not be cured when printing speed is faster than that of draft mode.

  • Some of the screens and printing samples in this website are artificial renderings.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • All trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
  • Inkjet printers print using extremely fine dots, thus colors may vary slightly following replacement of the printing heads. Also note that if using multiple printer units, colors may vary slightly among the units due to slight individual differences among the units.


Precautions for UV printing

 Inks and substrates:

  • Please note that properties and adhesion, weather resistance etc. of ink and substrates can vary. Therefore please test materials before printing.
  • Some substrates require primer before printing. Please test materials beforehand or ask your sales representative.


 Safety notice:
You are dealing with UV light sources that may harm your health. Please follow below guidelines strictly:

  • Do not look directly into the UV light source nor place your hand, or expose your skin directly to the UV light source.
  • Depending upon print mode, there might occur some VOC emittance from printed parts not yet cured and hardened.
  • In addition, please read the instructions and guidelines of the manual carefully and follow those.