Mimaki JV400LX Series (JV400-130LX/JV400-160LX)


The JV400LX Series latex printers, offer 6-7 colour printing which properly meets multi use applications and creates endless versatility.

JV400LX Spec

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Eco-friendly water-based ink

Latex ink

Latex ink (LX101, LX100)

Our water-based “MIMAKI Latex ink” has a very low VOC (volatile organic compound) and does not need special ventilating equipment. This eco-friendly ink has less effect on the operator’s health and is better for the environment.

Wide gamut is achieved

Thanks to the new orange and green inks, LX101 ink covers 93% of approximate Pantone colour chart, with a high reproducibility of colour gamut that cannot be achieved by 4 colour printing.

Taking advantage of high colour reproducibility, an application range is extended to POP/posters for company logos and proofing of package designs that are specially designed.

Color gamut comparison chart

The World’s First White Latex Ink

White ink helps retain the natural vividness of colours by being used as a base to print on transparent or coloured materials. It is very effective in the manufacture of clear film window graphics.

MCT image

MCT: Mimaki Circulation Technology for White Ink

MCT is a standard feature included to effectively avoid the settling of white pigment in the ink lines by regularly circulating the ink. It prevents print issues and enables stable output from the start of operation. In addition, MCT contributes to reduction of ink waste, supporting the environmentally and economically friendly applications.
*MCT is only available for white ink.

Window graphics are printed with transparent PET film.

Colour mode selectable to your needs

Eight ink cartridges can be inserted. You can choose the colour configuration of you ink set at the time of installation. For example, if a 5-colour mode (CMYK+ white) is selected white ink is added. However, if you are looking for higher productivity, such as bill board printing, a double CMYK 4-colour mode can be selected.

Window graphics are printed with transparent PET film. White Latex makes colours vivid!

Three-layer printing at one time

Three-layer printing at the same time

A three-layer printing of colour, white, and colour can be performed at the same time.
The underlay printing of a base layer of white ink allows for reproduction of the natural beauty of colours printed on transparent media in perfect registration.

Excellent usage for outdoor and indoor applications

Latex ink fixes pigment to media because the resin contained in the ink dissolves with the heater, forming a membrane. Therefore, it can be output onto PVC film, banner material, backlit bluebacked paper, and on most media that are currently used in eco-solvent machines. Moreover, non-coat media without an acceptance layer, such as paper and textile, can be printed on as well. This excellent media capability is very attractive as it supports new applications and can expand your future print business.

60℃ cold cure expands capability for various heat-sensitive media

Latex ink can be used to output onto heat deformable or discolorable materials, including PET. This also contributes to reduction of colour blurring due to high temperature. Combining its excellent media capability with cold cure, Latex Ink can meet the diversified needs of clients in a finer, more versatile and higher quality manner.
* Depending on media, ink curing temperature needs 70℃ or higher.

No drying time, Immediate secondary processing

When using Mimaki Latex inks, fixation and curing is immediate. It is not necessary to worry about drying times. Immediately after printing, secondary processing, such as lamination, can be performed, dramatically increasing time and efficiency.

Improved drying device for the colour reproduction fixability of ink

3 Way Intelligent Heater improves the colour reproduction and fixability of ink by heating the media to the proper temperature before, during, and after printing. In combination with the 3 Way Intelligent Heater, the added drying heater is used to help resin dissolve to form a membrane.

Newly developed high-speed print heads

Two newly developed print heads with four rows of 320 nozzles per head are arranged in a single line, enabling high-speed printing with top quality results.

JV400LX Print speed

JV400LX Print speed

*Print speed of white ink(Standard mode): 1 layer (White ink only) 3.3㎡/h , 2 layer (White+ Colour) 1.9㎡/h , 3 layer (Colour+White+Colour) 1.4㎡/h

High quality prints are made available by advanced technology

Variable drop sizes with minimum size of 4 pl

Variable drops function provides 3 different drop sizes at once. The minimum size is an amazingly small 4 pico-liter drop that produces smooth and natural gradation. This stops a granular appearance, even in the 4-colour mode.

Fail-safe features for continuous operation

Nozzle Recovery Function

Previously, when the issue was not resolved after nozzle cleaning, the printhead needed to be repaired by a technician. Therfore, printing operation had to be stopped until the maintenance work was completed. Nozzle Rocevery Function allows the printer to continue print operations without interruption by using non-defective nozzles as substitutes for defective nozzles until the technician arrives.

* The recoverability of this function is limited.

UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System)

Two ink cartridges per colour can be set in 4-colour mode. When an ink cartridge runs out, another cartridge of the same colour automatically starts supplying ink, preventing the printer from stopping while producing large volumes of output. This feature is especially useful for unattended overnight printing.

Eco-cartridge method

Eco-cartridges can be repeatedly used by changing spent ink packs. This eco-cartridge method contributes to waste reduction and can provide ink at lower prices.
* 1: Ink pack capacity is 600 ml.
* 2: LX100 white ink is for 220 ml ink cartridge.


Head On-demand Piezo head (Array of 2 heads in-line)
Maximum width 1,361mm (53.6″) / 1,610mm (63.4″)
Print resolution 600、900、1,200dpi
Print speed Draft 18.2㎡/h (1200×900dpi、6pass, bi-directional, 4 color)
Standard 11.0㎡/h (900×900dpi、12pass, bi-directional, 4 color)
Ink Latex ink LX101 4 color (C,M,Y,K) / 7 color (C,M,Y,K,Or,G + W) *White ink is LX100
Ink supply system 600 ml ink pack (LX100 white ink is for 220 ml ink cartridge)
Media Width Up to 1,371mm (54.0″) / 1,620mm (63.8″)
Weight Up to 25kg (55.1 lbs)
Roll diameter Up to φ180mm (7.1″)
Inside roll diameter 2-3 inch
Print aspect Inside / outside
Cutter Y-direction cutter after head section
Drying device 3 way intelligent heater (Pre/Print/Post)
Ventilation fan unit, Drying heater
Media take-up device Roll take-up device, inside/outside selectable
Interface USB2.0
Applicable standard VCCI class A, FCC class A, UL 60950-1
CE Marking (EMC, Low voltage and Machinery directive), CB Report
Power specification AC 100~240V±10%(Automated voltage conversion)
Power consumption 100 – 120V 1,440W × 2
220 – 240V 1,800W × 2
Operational environment Temperature: 20°C-30°C (68-86 °F);
Humidity: 35-65 % RH (non condensing)
Dimensions (W×D×H) 2,634×854×1,435mm / 2,879×854×1,435mm
Weight 216kg (476 lbs.) / 231kg (509 lbs.)

*600 ml ink pack requires eco cartridge (OPT-J0237).
Eco cartridges can be used repeatedly by replacing ink packs.

Ink set

C M Y K Or G
C M Y K Or G W

*White ink is LX100

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